Traditional Herbal Products


Herbal medicinal products are defined as any medicinal product exclusively containing as active ingredients one or more herbal substances, or one or more herbal preparation, or one or more such herbal substances in combination with one or more herbal preparations. Herbal medicinal products are manufactured in a suitable pharmaceutical form and specific dose to cure or prevent diseases.

Traditional Herbal medicinal products have been used  specifically in Central Asia and Far East (Mongolia,China,India,Japan) as well as in Anatolia from Antique civilizations to Ottoman Empire.

Although the use of traditional herbal medicines decreased in 20th Century, from 21st Century onwards a significant gradual increase is noticed primarily in US and Europe. In Turkey, as of  last 2 years,there is an increasing trend in herbal medicinal products supported by the serious enforcement of GMP equivalence status and enforcement of the traditional herbal medicines regulation.